New Vogue

 Tuesday Nights 7:30pm - 8:30pm 

New Vogue Class

What is New Vogue?

New Vogue dances are those that have a fixed routine; is repeated for the duration of the music.

There are 15 New Vogue dances to learn and each dance is taught over a 2-4 week period (dependent on the difficulty of the dance), before a new dance is selected.

New Vogue dances include: Barclay Blues, Carousel, Charmaine, Evening Three Step, Excelsior Schottische, Gypsy Tap, La Bomba, Merrilyn, Parma Waltz, Swing Waltz, Tangoette, Tango Terrific, Tracie-Leigh Waltz, Lucille Waltz and the Twightlight Waltz.